"Bloop!" Hilarious Asian Man Picks Up 3 Irish Girls With a Pineapple #pineappleadventure

Adicionado em :  20-Nov-2016
Enviado por :  Gambit
Andrew Foraday picks up these 3 Irish girls and says one word as his opener: "PINEAPPLES." Can you count how many times the girls say "Pineapples?" What happens next is the most hilarious bantering and teasing caught on video. Enjoy this PUA infield footage. Be part of the #pineappleadventures The reason we chose the #bloop video as the first one to launch Andrew Foraday's channel is because it shows multiple principals at play: 1) Your opener doesn't matter. Andrew didn't use an opener or even say "Hi", he just walked up to them and said "PINEAPPLES." 2) Andrew kinos (touches) early on in a non-creepy manner and even when one of the girls is nervous, he sets her at ease and she likes it. 3) He also kinos very dominantly, physically picking girls up, spinning them, turning them, etc. 4) He throws in quick and light sexual banter 5) He shows complete dominance in a manner that isn't douchey or overbearing 6) Everything Andrew has the girls do, they are agreeing to do (ranging from General to Sexual Compliance Tests) 7) He either calls the girls out whenever they say or do something awkward or just ignores it and pushes forward 8) He is being completely fun and positive 9) He is not filtering or seeking permission to say what he wants 10) He is completely Being In The Moment From a purely PUA technical point of view, this set is nothing but the B-Phase of the ABCDEF System which is Banter & Buying Temperature (triggering a constant emotional state, in this case, laughter). At one point (keep the number 29 in mind), a girl's Buying Temperature is COMPLETELY fried: her brain simply shuts down and she doesn't know what to do or say because she's been laughing so hard. What's remarkable isn't that he's just using BT (you can do the exact same thing at night with the same results), it's that he's doing it during the DAY when things are slower and girls are more logical and he's getting away with it! Andrew can get away with a lot more dominance, kino, and sexual behavior by making the girls laugh. There are tons of mini-tactics and strategies that Andrew is employing both consciously and unconsciously. If you'd like for us to breakdown the video step-by-step or if you have questions, email Andrew Foraday at Andrew@abcofattraction.com Sincerely, JT Tran CEO of the ABCs Of Attraction 1-888-689-GAME (4263) P.S. Click Here To Learn How To Talk To Girls With Andrew Foraday ==D http://goo.gl/47lBYh ===================================================== Subscribe to Pick Up Coach Andrew Foraday's channel for upcoming live infield PUA video and footage here: https://www.youtube.com/user/AndrewForaday?sub_confirmation=1 Please help us share this by posting it on your Facebook and Twitter. We will love you for eva and eva! If you enjoyed this video then.... Hit the "Like" button Add it to your Favorites and of course subscribe to our channel if you haven't already! Friend request Andrew Foraday on Facebook here: https://www.facebook.com/andrew.f.chen.5 Like his ABCs of Attraction fan page on Facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/abcsofattraction Subscribe to our YouTube Channel here: http://www.youtube.com/abcofattraction Follow us on Twitter here: http://www.twitter.com/abcofattraction Follow JT Tran on Twitter here: http://www.twitter.com/theasianplayboy Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgi8gnB-mio