How To Approach A Girl On The Street And Ask Her On A Date Like A Normal Dude (Daygame PUA Infield)

Adicionado em :  9-Jul-2019
Enviado por :  Gambit
Aren't you tired of weird, creepy,, wannabe pickup artists who run flash game and try to pass it off as a solid male to female interaction? In this daygame infield video, Chicago Dating Coach (Captain Daniel Hyun) shows you, in a completely normal, nonweird way, how to approach a girl on the street and then *gasp* ask her out on a date... like a normal dude! PLUS the entire date is caught on hidden camera so you can also learn how to talk during a date with an attractive woman and not be creepy or trying too hard. Included in this completely UNCUT daygame infield footage: - You'll learn how to get a pretty woman’s number within a few minutes of talking with her. - The actual texts her to get her to meet you again that very same night In this approach demonstration, Captain Daniel Hyun will show you... - How to start a conversation that gets her curious enough about you to give you her number - How to text her in a way that gets her to say “yes” to a same-night date - How to build rapport, then trust, then sexual tension with a woman... all in one date - And much more Plus, at the very end of the video, Capt. Dan gives you the three most important takeaways in the video. ➜ Get A Free Coaching Call w/ Captain Dan: ➜ Take a PUA Bootcamp: ➜ Subscribe To Captain Daniel Hyun's YouTube Channel: ➜ Facebook Captain Daniel Hyun: #puainfieldd #daygameinfield #rsdinfield #datingadvice #pickupartist #datingcoach #howtogetagirlfriend #pickupadvice #relationshipadvice #abcsofattraction #captaindanielhyun #rsdtyler #rsdmax #rsdjulien #realsocialdynamics #squattincassanova