How To Be More Attractive To Women: 3 GQ Suits All Asian Men Should Wear | Fashion & Style Advice

Adicionado em :  11-Jun-2019
Enviado por :  Gambit
What should you wear as an Asian men that will make more women find you attractive? In this video, Captain Daniel Hyun (The Korean Dating Coach) will give his fashion and style advice on what to wear. Men's fashion and menswear in general can be confusing, but the New York Dating Coach will break down not only the 3 suits you should wear in order to look GQ fresh, but also how you can mix and match with different colored shoes and shirts so you have a versatile wardrobe. Fashion for Asian men. What’s it all about? Capt. Daniel Hyun walks through his local Zara – and walks YOU through the basics of good fashion as it applies to an Asian man in America today. As it turns out, “good fashion” for Asian men consists of simply having 6 essential items in one’s wardrobe. If you have these 6 essentials, then you’re pretty much covered for 99% of your dating and socializing needs. Plus, Capt. Dan will also teach you: - Where and when it’s most appropriate to wear these 6 essential items - How to mix and match these items with each other and with your other clothes to produce the look you want - Also, watch ‘til the end for some bonus tips on fashion that only Capt Dan can give you. Check it ➜ Get Captain Dan's Phone-To-Date Routine: ➜ Take a PUA Bootcamp: ➜ Subscribe To Captain Daniel Hyun's YouTube Channel: ➜ Facebook Captain Daniel Hyun: