How To Use Tinder Boost For Same Day Pull | PUA Infield Footage Breakdown (Salt Lake City, Utah)

Adicionado em :  4-Jun-2019
Enviado por :  Gambit
=== PUA INFIELD FOOTAGE TIMESTAMPS === 00:36 - How To Use Tinder Boost In A New City 00:54 - Tinder Opener Examples & Conversation 01:49 - Start of PUA Infield Footage 03:17 - How To Greet Your Date 08:36 - Building Comfort + Breaking Rapport 14:39 - Reward Her When She Qualifies Herself 19:32 - I Open Up Deep Connection By Comfort Bombing 22:09 - My Animal/Water/Color Routine 25:02 - How To Recover From a "Failed" Routine 31:04 - How To Calibrate From a "Failed" Verbal Sexual Escalation 39:06 - Teasing, Kino and Disqualification (C-D-E) 46:05 - Verbal Sexual Escalation 51:59 - How To Create Sexual Attraction & Sexual Tension 58:26 - Why I Knew It Was Time To Pull! 59:55 - Pull! 01:02:11 - Same Day Pull To Her Car 01:02:22 - 3 Conditions To Get The Same Day Pull 01:02:42 - The 4 Most Crucial Moments Of Your Tinder Date 01:03:43 - Captain Daniel Hyun's Free Coaching Offer To You ➜ Get Captain Dan's Phone-To-Date Routine: ➜ Take a PUA Bootcamp: ➜ Subscribe To Captain Daniel Hyun's YouTube Channel: ➜ Facebook Captain Daniel Hyun: Visiting a new city soon? Here’s a tip: Make the most of your trip by meeting a new woman or two (or three). In this pick up infield video, Capt. Daniel Hyun will show you how especially if you're looking for a same day lay. In this pickup infield video, Capt. Dan recently went to Utah to meet a friend and go hiking. But he also used Tinder in a unique way that made him schedule a date with a hot Latina right upon arriving. Watch this hidden camera video as Capt. Dan meets her, builds comfort and sexual tension with her, and then pulls her into a romantic encounter... all within the space of an hour. Here are some of the things you’ll learn... – The best ways to build comfort and find commonality – What to do when she “qualifies” herself to you – How to reciprocate when she opens up to you – A simple, fun routine to sexualize the interaction after building comfort – What to do when she resists or breaks the sexual tension – When and how to pull her into a romantic encounter Check it out now – and watch ‘til the end, because Capt. Dan has a special offer just for you. You won't need to watch any other daygame infield or nightgame infield footage ever again!