The 6 Differences Between Dating Hispanic Girls VS White Girls | Latino Dating Coach

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Read a complete breakdown on "The 6 Differences Between Dating Hispanic Girls VS White Girls" here: Ozzie, the Latino Dating Coach and ABCs Head Daygame Coach, is himself a Mexican American so he knows first hand the difference between Latina women and white females. And more importantly: What do Latina women think about dating Asian men like yourself? Latinas and white girls are awesome – but they’re NOT the same. That means it’s not a good idea to use the same approach on one with the other. In this video, Head Daygame Instructor Ozzie explains the six most important differences that Latinas and white girls have when it comes to dating and relationships. As it turns out, Hispanic and Caucasian women are quite different as lovers and girlfriends, especially in the areas of: - Their personalities (One is bubbly, the other is reserved) - Their cultures (One is modern, the other is traditional) - Their expectations of you (One has higher expectations of you than the other) - Their views on interracial dating (It might NOT be okay with one of them) - Their views on dominance and gender roles (Who will lead the relationship?) - How relationships with them tend to go (THIS one’s pretty interesting!) After all, Hispanic girls come from Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Paraguay, Nicaragua, Uruguay, Belize, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Panama, Chile, French Guiana, Guyana, and Surname. ➜ Get A Free Coaching Call w/ Ozzie: ➜ Take a PUA Bootcamp: === TRANSCRIPT === This is Ozzie, head daygame coach for the ABCs of Attraction and we're going to be discussing today some of the differences between dating a Latina versus a white girl. All right some of the differences that you're going to encounter when dating a Latino versus a white girl is one obviously has lighter skin, the other one probably has darker skin. No, but all jokes aside it's a very different dynamic. First of all, if we are just talking about personality, white girls especially here in LA or the big cities they tend to have a very much more bubblier personality right. They're quicker to interact and socialize with you. Whether you're out doing some day game at a grocery store and you start an interaction or you're say in a nightclub. Now when dealing with a Latina, they can be a bit more reserved. Now that's not necessarily a bad thing. It's not an indication that they're not interested. It just means that you have to pursue them a little bit more compared to a white girl. You got to understand, there's also cultural differences. You know white people tend to be more vocal overall whereas somebody who might have a stronger religious background, Latinas tend to be a lot more Catholic. They can be a little bit more reserved and quiet. Alright so what you guys need to know when you're trying to approach a Latina is that, since there might be this cultural difference there needs to be a little bit more leading in terms of your interaction. Whereas if you're dealing with a white girl, she might be quicker to reciprocate and talk back. A Latina might be a little bit more standoffish, but if you lead and continue their interaction in the correct way she will eventually open up. Now you're wondering if there's a difference between dating a Latina or a white girl when it comes to interracial dating. If you're Asian and you're wondering, "hmm do I go towards the white girl? Do I go towards the Latina? What are the differences?" and one thing is Latinas would generally be open to everybody and anybody. It's not going to make that much of a difference. Now if you get into sub categories of white girls, some of them tend to stick within their own racial group. Now that's not a bad thing or a good thing. But when dealing with Latinas, since there is a much bigger family, there's a bigger emphasis on family and family structure, they tend to be open towards more ethnic groups. Another difference is when it comes to dominance and being a little bit more sexual. Since the Tina's can be a little bit more reserved, they require you to come off a little bit more dominant whereas a white girl who is just naturally a little bubblier, she's willing to go with the flow a little better. So, with the Latina yeah you have to lead a little bit more, you have to take charge, and this does translate into being a much more dominant interaction and finally when it comes to relationships with a Latino or a white girl, with a Latina be ready to meet the family and all of the family. Family is really important in the Latin culture. There's a lot more interaction between family, family events, family reunions, get-togethers.