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Materiais exclusivos escritos pelos melhores pickups do Brasil

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"Shaven!" Andrew Teaches Student How To Pickup Girls While Bald #pineappleadventure

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Andrew Foraday is challenged by a student that a balding, short, poorly dressed Asian man can't attract girls (especially blonde white women). Andrew accepts his student's challenge and shaves his head.

In this Infield PUA Video (SUBTITLES AND CLOSED CAPTION IS AVAILABLE as some of the audio is muffled), you'll see what's possible when you don't have limiting beliefs hold you back. As Andrew is teaching daygame in New York City, he tells a (different) student to approach an attractive blonde girl on the bench. The student keeps walking so Andrew approaches instead, using a situational opener based on what he observed about the girl.

And while the girl (Marlo) obviously notices the GoPro, Andrew completely plays it off as he is not even hiding the fact that he has a camera on his cane.

What happens next is the exact opposite of our first video "Bloop!" There is very little Buying Temperature or flash game. It is almost completely played in the C-Phase (Compliance, Comfort and Connect).

Andrew *BRINGS* comfort with him on his initial approach and doesn't even need to build Comfort while talking with her. He acts completely comfortable around her and treats her like an old friend he never met.

Even though he isn't using a lot of BT game, he is still throwing in light kino touches and qualifies her. There are tons of mini-tactics and strategies that Andrew is employing both consciously and unconsciously.  



Watch video: 


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